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I can provide a complete on-site service for all your computer needs, including virus and spyware removal, hardware upgrades, wired and wireless networking and website development.

Hardware and Networking

Wireless networks from $180
  • Broadband sharing
  • Media sharing
  • Networks for rental properties
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Setup email accounts

Virus and Spyware Removal

Prices starting from $80~
  1. System not starting?
  2. System slow?
  3. Internet slow?
  4. Error messages?
  5. Pop-ups when browsing?

Web Design and Updates

Updates starting from $180
  • Website looking dated?
  • New websites from $399*
  • Mobile friendly
  • Your business colours
  • Wordpress development

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  1.   m: +61 [0]407 425 823
  2.   e:

All requests via my email help line, will receive a reply within the hour during normal business hours (8-00am to 5-30pm, Monday To Friday) and the next business day outside business hours. After hours work is also available. Please contact me for details.
Please include your phone number if the matter is urgent, thankyou.