Wireless Networking

Setting up the Hardware:

If you already have computers networked in your home, you can create a wireless network with a wireless access point. The wireless access point will connect to an existing network allowing network enabled devices to connect and share their available resources.

If you have computers that are not networked, or if you want to replace your cabled network, you’ll need a wireless router. This is a single unit that contains:

  • A port to connect to your cable or DSL modem
  • router
  • An Ethernet hub
  • firewall
  • A wireless access point

Diagram 2 shows a simple wireless network containing both a stand alone cable networked PC, a wireless networked PC and a wireless laptop. This configuration is reasonably simple to set up and most new routers will have a step by step ‘wizard’ to guide you through.

Diagram 2


New wireless routers will usually guide you through the process of securing your network, but many older models will leave your network open to intruders and broadband thieves. This may sound dramatic, but essentially it means that other people nearby can use your internet connection and you foot the bill, so securing your network is vital.

If you need help:

The easy way is to contact My Computer Guy. We’ll have your network running correctly in no time and we can also supply any devices you may need at a competitive price.

If you’re having problems with a cabled network you can find some information and a diagram on the Networking page.

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