Website Design

Starting an on-line web presence can be a daunting task. Let us guide you through the maze and provide you with the resources to increase your sales through web site generated traffic.

From registering a Domain Name to securing Hosting at an affordable rate, we can get you on-line quickly and start you on the path to increased profits.

Which platform?

There are many options available and many do an excellent job, although the complexity can vary quite considerably, so we’ll list the platforms we use and recommend. Each have their own benefits and implementation will depend on the type of website required and the content being displayed.

Most website software uses a template or theme system to provide the layout structure and style. This separates the content from the design and gives website administrators the opportunity to change the look with a couple of clicks within the Admin area.

If you would like a demonstration of how easy it is to manage a professionally designed website with good quality software, please contact us.


The king of blogging platforms is also finding a very handy market in Content Management. Many high profile businesses are using WordPress to power their sites.

WordPress is our preferred software for content management and we can design a unique site for your business or alter your existing WordPress site for a fresh new look.

My Computer Guy is powered by WordPress mainly for it’s ease of use, but also for the many and varied add-ons, and first class support.


Joomla! has an enormous user base and similar to WordPress, is supported by an enthusiastic community of developers. It is well suited to the business that wants to get on with business. Integration with e-commerce functionality makes it perfect for businesses looking to expand into on-line sales.

We can build a custom design from scratch or based on any template you like and easily adapt the layout to suit your needs and business colours.


Do you have an organisation or group and want to build an on-line community forum? Then phpBB may be the answer for you.

High quality, secure and with an extensive range of add-ons, phpBB can provide the perfect solution to get your community organised.

Why not have us create a unique design specifically for you. Add interest and get talked about to encourage new members to join your forum community and help it to grow.

Simple Machines Forum

Simple Machines Forum or SMF as it’s known in the community, is exactly as it states. Simple.

A very easy to manage and well supported platform for the person with moderate on-line skills. A logical template system means styling is also a breeze.

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