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Trojan Removal

I’ve been seeing a significant rise in all manner of Spyware and Malware, but Trojans seem to be the prevailing problem at the moment and some of these can prove very difficult to remove. It’s important to approach these problems in the correct way and to avoid creating a scenario where removal of the offending software becomes too difficult and a re-format is required.

Other competitor services will recommend a re-format of Windows® as a first option as this is quick, easy and sure to remove the problem if it’s within the system but be careful because some will even overwrite your existing legal copy of Windows with a counterfeit version! Yes it does happen and regularly. There is also the inconvenience of re-installing printers, software and all the necessary Windows and Security updates again.

Consider these points:

  • What have you learnt about the cause of the problem?
  • How will you know what to avoid in the future if the cause of the problem is unknown?
  • Do you have backup copies of the software that is installed on your computer?
  • What will happen to your photos and music?

We will always create a backup of your documents folder and email files before working on removal of the offending software.

Insist on a full report and breakdown of what will be done to your computer. For a complete and effective removal of whatever ails your computer be sure to use a trustworthy service provider.



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